Commercial Photography

The photograph that emerged with the industrial revolution is one of the tools that creates the visual culture and directly conveys the visual message. Visual messages are more understandable than messages expressed in words. Photo; is evidence, a visual data that proves the reality of something or an event. We believe that many things we see in his photo are real and do not discuss their existence. Photography, as a witness who saw everything closely, took the important role in mass persuasion by replacing the truth. Photographs convince us that even if our minds tell us they mean nothing. For this reason, especially advertising photographs prove their importance in spreading any thoughts, products, services, and ideologies as a means of persuasion and still maintain their place in the advertising industry with their credibility, which has become a habit in the audience.

The camera, which is a product of technology in modern societies, is an indispensable tool for people who produce consumer goods, public relations, ideas and services. The use of photography in printed materials for advertising purposes and the importance of the sector for the sector has increased, reproduced and the development of the printing technology has been realized as a beneficial activity with consumption and pleasure. Thus, they have been used in different media and replaced the word by attracting the attention of the masses. With the photography, the design, the fonts used, and the media to be displayed become important. When you look at the place on the photo date, the advertisement photo; It has been developed by photographers who have different attitudes in certain periods and have styles that shape the period. Geometric compositions developed after the First World War have become modernist with an oblique perspective, sharp sharpness, close-up, contrasting tones. The direct style of photography has evolved. In the 1960s, Advertising Photographers cooperated with art directors, combining personal and commercial styles by adopting an opinion that emphasizes international unity.


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