"UnnSeen" Journey of the Hero

Think about the heroes you've heard of so far. You will encounter strong, agile, courageous, brave, good heroes in your memory. Almost all of these heroes have superpowers. Some fly, some are an invincible fighter, it is impossible to get rid of some of their intuition, some always recreate themselves.
The hero photos of Selçuk Çınar offer us much more than a hero and reminds us that we are all the heroes of our own life.

The hero he describes is not trapped in a single superpower or uniform adjectives like strong and brave; With every feeling, every feature, he can move towards what will be good and beautiful for him. He can be good for himself with all his self, he can be where he desires to be, he can realize himself. As a hero who progresses with an incredible presence in the face of life, he emphasizes that sometimes we can get strength from our loneliness, sometimes our sadness, our entire body, our own dance and all our colors.

We are all born with all the features that can progress heroically towards what we want in this life. However, as we grow, we shape ourselves according to the truths, wrongs, patterns and bad experiences we have shown. We learn to worry and stop doing what we want so as not to be wrong, not to be judged, not to be alone, not to see damages that we think cannot be repaired. As we become immobile, we do not see some features of the hero in us, we forget. The eye of Selcuk Çınar shows you what you give up, what you need to continue on the road, the hero inside you again.

We hope you see a piece of your own hero in every photo you look at.

Dr. Özge Mergen


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